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Esperance Grade School Years

LAST UPDATE:   May 29, 2017

class photo
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Esperance Grade School   1946-47   Miss Pearl Espeland*
(First-guesses for names I do not recall... please send corrections)

BACK ROW:  Miss Espeland, ___?___, Judy McClain, ___?___, Jerry Wall, ___?___, ___?___, Gunnar Ottman, ___?___, Sharon ?

MIDDLE ROW:  Melvin Blake, Michael ?, Nancy ?, Kenny Oberg, Jeanne Phillips, Donald ?, Louise ?, Ralph ?, Terry Hanna, John Holmes

FRONT ROW:  Buster ?, Linda Prestek, Doris Marie Woolforth, Judith Stephenson, ___?___, Gary ?, ___?___, Helen Ohlen, Roberta Gibson, Cora Colby
* Miss Espeland later married a Mr. Larsen and may have moved to California.


Mr. Mudge's 8th grade class 1953-1954 (corrections, additions welcome!):
Janet Casebeer, Cora Colby, Linda Coates, John Dudley, Bev Gannion, Dawn Gannion, Georgia Gibson, Patricia Gorman, Carol Grosnick, Terry Hanna?, Deanna Litten, Tom Mobley?, Linda Nuzbaum, Dick Nicholson, Dale Pinkstaff, Dorothy Warren?, Darlene Wilkerson
(Thanks to Cora Colby Hatt for this listing....)
Jeanne.Baylor Miss Jeanne Baylor's 8th grade class 1953-1954 ("Room 18")*
Bruce Baker, Jackie Brodie, Cliff Calhoun, John Cooper, Ann Decoteau, Dalyn Fairclough, Tony Gallardo, Roberta Gibson, Ronald Hansen, Gary Harmon, Gloria Hatcher, John Holmes, Ann Hurley, Robert Lee, Mary Lien, Diane McConnell, Vivian Meyer, Kenny Oberg, Helen Ohlen, Judy Paul, Beverly Peacha, Wendell Phillips, Wally Schurle, Janice Siegel, Jean Symmes, Frances Thorn, John Wagner, Jerry Wall, John Westfield, Arlene Wheeler, Joan Yates
*(This list from a tattered ditto-machine page tucked into Helen's 8th grade report card!)

Fran's birthday party - July 1949
July, 1949 (around the table, clockwise from left): Frances Thorn (birthday girl), Carol Thompson, Dalyn Fairclough, Roberta Gibson, Helen Ohlen, Beverly Peacha, Jackie Brodie ...(Photo courtesy of Fran Thorn Banasick)
CampFire girls at Greenbank - 1952-53
At Thorn's summer cabin, Greenbank, Washington, circa.1952-3. CampFire Girls (from left): Beverly Peacha, Roberta Gibson, Frances Thorn, Helen Ohlen, Arlene Wheeler ... (Photo courtesy of Fran Thorn Banasick)

Darlene & Linda

Darlene Wilkerson and Linda Nuzbaum - 8th grade event    (photo courtesy of Darlene)
Both 8th grades - Mr. Mudge's & Miss Baylor's classes Esperance School. . . 8th grade event photo courtesy of Darlene Wilkerson Kolb
Row 1(front, sitting): Mr. Mudge, _____, Linda Nuzbaum, Kenny Oberg, Donna Maxwell, Dawn Ganion?, Jeanne Symmes, Ann Decoteau,  a teacher? , Miss Jeanne Baylor
Row 2: Joan Yates, Marcia Hatcher?, Frances Thorn, Linda Coates, Bruce Baker, Darlene Wilkerson, Dick Nicholson, Bevin Ganion, Arlene Wheeler, Dorothy Warren, Ann Hurley, Cora Colby, Georgia Gibson?, _____, Wendell Phillips
Row 3 (or 2½): _____, Terry Hanna, Gordon Mummy, Beverly Peacha, Janet Casebeer?, John Wagner?   (last 4 partially hidden)
Row 4 (back/top): Cliff Calhoun?, John Dudley, Jerry Wall, _____, Duane Gillis, Wally Schurle, _____, Carl Wold?, Tony Gallardo?

Esperance School These photos of Esperance school were provided by the Edmonds School District . . . in particular, Jennifer Aaby, Community Relations and Web Content Specialist. Thank you so much, Jennifer! Esperance School

Esperance School 3rd Grade Esperance School - 3rd Grade - Mrs. Hazel Stevens
photo courtesy of Fran Thorn Banasick . . . 05/21/07
BACK ROW... Mrs. Hazel Stevens - Helen Ohlen, Melvin Blake, Thomas Pierce, Doris Wolforth, John Wagner, Jerry Pucrab, Cora Colby?, Kenneth Knudson, Roberta Gibson
MIDDLE ROW... Ronnie_______, Jackie Brodie, Jerry Ballard, Dalyn Fairclough, Darryl Gilbertson, Meryl Kuhnya?, Frances Thorn, Terry Hanna, Darlene L______, Roger C________
FRONT ROW... Phillip P______, Gunner Ottness, ______, _______, Kathy Schmidt, Patty C_______, Judy McLaine, Beverly Peacha, La Va Coults, Carl Woverman, Alfred S_______, Joyce, Pilleou?
Obituary, Hazel Stevens

Mr. Rudolph (Rudy, Bud)Holt       7th grade teacher at Esperance.     View Obituary

Esperance Band/Orchestra .. photo courtesy of Janice Siegel Crouch  (April 1, 2003)
       If you remember any anecdotes about this occasion, please submit them. I think I recognize Bruce Baker (tuba?), Gary Harmon? (trombone), Diane Scott (French horn?), Kenny Oberg (accordion!), Frances Thorn (saxophone), could that be Tom Mobley (sax)? . . . please help! (the banner in the upper left corner was way at the top center of the stage-curtain with some kind of garlands leading to it from each side; the curtain was cropped from this photo to save bytes). —hg

Esperance School orchestra

Young People 1953 "Young People 1953"   (photo courtesy of Jackie Brodie Dieu)
Kneeling: Jackie Brodie, Beverly Peacha, Frances Thorn
Standing: Mary Lien, _______, Arlene Wheeler, Helen Ohlen, _______, ________, ________.

Comments welcome!
Esperance teachers:
1st grade: Miss Pearl Espeland (later became Mrs. Larsen)
2nd grade: Mrs. Helen L. Ward
3rd grade: Mrs. Hazel Stevens OBITUARY
4th grade: Mrs. G. G. Savikko
5th grade: Mrs. Mary R. Sullivan
6th grade: Mrs. Widdell / Miss Yvonne Madden
7th grade: Mr. Holt OBITUARY / Mr. Sarvis ?
8th grade: Miss Jeanne Baylor / Mr. Mudge

Esperance Chorus circa 1953-54

Comments, anecdotes on this event welcome!

       "I would guess it's a Spring Concert, judging from the tulip & daffodil bouquets atop the piano!? I recognize Judy and Jeanette Byers (a year behind us) as well as some of our classmates. Remember how Judy used to sing "Over the Rainbow" with such intensity that she had to hold on to the floor microphone for support? Note: to the left of the piano top, only partially in the photo, someone is playing the violin!"
   (Helen Ohlen Gregory 11.02.02)

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