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old school

Old Edmonds High: a place of learning for 9 decades   
  from The Seattle Times (online) Webnesday, Oct 12, 2005
The original Edmonds High School campus has undergone several incarnations over its 96-year history, serving as a high school, junior high and college. Although the 1909 school building soon will be razed, its 1939 auditorium is being renovated as a . . .
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SAVED! Our "Old School" is to open in 2005 as the Edmonds Center for the Arts.
Check their Website for current information:
Our Legacy: The class of 1958 was the last senior class to attend school in the old building. We were moved to the "new" Senior High mid-year, and although we graduated there, we are intrinsically attached to the "old" school, "where the blue Pacific watches...."
2002 Reunion ~ Class of 1952
      A reunion by the Class of 1952 was held at the "old" high school in downtown Edmonds featuring a "sock hop" with refreshments. All classmates and faculty with a history in the old building were invited to attend and "wander the halls" of our old Alma Mater! Our thanks to Carol Martin Grant of the Class of 1952 for keeping us informed! (Classmates were also invited to attend the "Old Settlers Picnic" in Edmonds City Park on Sunday.) Aug 9, 2002

EHS Revisited  2002
     "It felt good walking the halls of our youth. It felt the same, the halls, the stairs teaming with students scurrying to classes, so crowded we'd bump one another. My favorite place was the auditorium. I loved the assemblies, plays and graduations there. My friends and I always went up to the balcony, about 6 rows up in the 1st section left, facing the stage.
     "Jimmy Nopson and I toured the school together. When we went into the gym to sign up, he said it looked smaller. I said 'no, no! Its just the same.' I remember my sister, who graduated three years before me, taking me to the basketball games. That was the first time I was in the school and I fell in love with her then.
     "I ran into two old neighbors, they lived on both sides of our home, who had gone to Edmonds — Frank Blye and Peter Francis. I also ran into Dean Echelbarker, who's kids I use to baby-sit. Sure brought back lots of good memories. We saw lots of other classmates of various years.
     "Jimmy and I sat down to eat by the NW basket side of the gym and he said 'now I remember sitting here. It does seem the right size.' We saw many pictures of our old teachers and administrators posted on their class rooms and offices. It brought back many good memories and a few not so good. I couldn't stay for the dance because I had to run to the airport and pick up my hubby coming in from Hawaii. I'm so glad I went and it was great to see all our classmates that did come."       
by Sandra "San" Forsgren Konikson
EHS'58 ... Sept 2002
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Old school "saved" from demolition!?
  Seattle Times, September 25, 2002
Photo by Jimi Lott

Seattle Times photo by Jimi Lott
     "The Edmonds Public Facilities District is poised to purchase the historic Edmonds Junior High School as part of the city's plan to create a $15 million center for the performing arts," according to an article by Lynn Thompson in the Seattle Times.
     Thompson says the building will be "renovated to create an 800-seat theater, gymnasium and meeting rooms. The new arts center will be smaller than proposed earlier," she goes on, "but will allow both for preservation of the school, originally built in 1909, and the renovation of its aging, 1938 auditorium."
     "From 1909 until 1958, the building was the Edmonds High School, the only high school serving the rural area between Seattle and Edmonds, according to the Washington Heritage Register. When a new high school was opened in upper Edmonds in 1958, the building became the city junior high. The Edmonds School District sold the building to the Christian college in 1977."   To read the entire article, go to Seattle Times Article. (No guarantees how long it will be available on-line).    Other photos of the "old" school can be found at Historic Edmonds column
Original EHS to be torn down?
  March 7, 2002
     An article by Janet Burkitt in The Seattle Times of this date reveals that our original Alma Mater might be dangerously close to being demolished.  According to the article, submitted for our attention by faithful class bloodhound, Fred F., the property has been sold by Puget Sound Christian College (owner/ resident for the past 24 years) to an undisclosed local developer who "wants to build multifamily housing on the 3.6 acre property...."  The article goes on to report that while Edmonds arts activists and city officials wanted a performing arts center there, and they hold a 60 day right of first refusal, they cannot afford to purchase the property. Burkitt's entire article is online at the Seattle Times (no guarantees as to how long it will be online).
     Puget Sound Christian College has already moved to Mountlake Terrace.
     Janet Burkett is the Times Snohomish County Reporter.  "Christian college sells Edmonds site" appears on page B3 of the March 7th issue of The Seattle Times. from 1940 Echo
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